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3 thoughts on “Why

  1. LVB says:

    Hey Percy,

    I just read a comment you made on the “GaGa Iluminati Puppet” article, thought it was very cool and commented back to you. Then I checked out your website here, and really enjoy your “ruminations, prayers and complaints”. Thanks for being who you are and saying what you have to say – very cool, man!

  2. LVB says:


    I wrote you earlier as a fellow musician re: the whole GaGa symbolism thing, and I gather from seeing your site now that you are a practicing psychotherapist as well, correct?

    As such, I think this is something you really need to see and feel:


    This struck me on so many levels. I’ve heard and seen a lot of things in this area, but nothing quite like this. Very disturbing, sad and outright shocking.

    This MPD/DID abuse victim’s artwork is so detailed and horrific, I just don’t quite know what to say or feel about it, and I’d guess most loving, caring people must themselves recoil from it and dissociate to some extent. I just see this being faked to get attention or money. No sir.

    I’m very interested in your thoughts on this as a Doctor, and also as a regular guy/musician, re: the previous conversation about GaGa and symbolism in pop music, etc. It sort of has nothing and everything to do with that concept, but has that “deadly serious” honesty to it, moreso than just hearing folks speculate about a pentagram here or there.

    Thanks and take care.

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