when in flow just go….

music is dominant in my soul these days. melodies inch thier way into me constantly like virulent messengers, and harmony adheres to them like genetic markers….i have not felt this creative and alive for years. planning more work with genre peak in studio inthe next few weeks, and working on the final stages of the poet’s cabaret recordings. the poet’s cabaret players have done an amazing job with jack perla’s wonderful, sinuous melodies; difficult and yet simple music. ricky carter on drums, jack on piano, sam bass of loop station on cello, haroun serang soon to add his guitars, david arend on bass….the impact is something like josh groban without even a hint of velveeta.

thinking about meridiem, spoke with anton fier about playing with vernon reid and myself, and he found the idea intriguing. i could see a line up of myself, anton on drums, vernon on guitar…and mick karn on bass…what do you think of that mick:)…meridiem must raise it’s improvisational head again within the next 2 years.


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