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the mind of the married man

the mind of the married man was one of the best shows that hbo ever produced, and possibly stirred up more palpable controversy as well. the show only ran for two seasons, but became a bit of a closet addiction for a certain subset of men in america between the ages of 35-55. what was simplistically daring was the fact that the dialogue in the show was shockingly on point concerning how educated, urbane, somewhat politically correct men talk with each other, as well as think about their relationships…and other women. as it turns out there was a backlash against the show from….women. i have a friend whose wife “forbade” him watching the show because she thought that a few of the characters were a potential “bad influence” on his thinking and behavior. guess what? too late. her husband is one of those guys. not a bad guy, has no lack of love or trust, no lack of affection or follow-through, he’s just a testament to the proclivitities of his gender.

there is a great scene in one of the episodes from season one where the characters are in a bar watching a very beautiful woman play pool, and one of the guys is remarking that if he “had a woman like that” he would never think about another woman as long as he lived. one of the other guys (the comedian bobby slayton in a great role) comes back with the remark that “somewhere out there” there is a guy who already got tired of having sex with her. why is this type of honesty irritating to some women? it seems that there is a deep subliminal understanding amongst women of the more prurient aspects of our nature, but they just don’t want to “see” it. this is not neil labute misogyny we are talking about here. it’s the opportunistic prurience of males raising it’s ugly head, even in the midst of the context of loving arrangements, and that’s just, well scary. netflix the first season if you get a chance.


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