Announcing a new blog series: Outliers

I just recently posted a story on ex-pornstar Abby Rode, which was the first in a series on Outliers. To put all suspicion of prurient intent aside, this will not be a pornstar series, although two of the interviewees will be Kay Taylor (Parker) of Taboo Fame, and Sasha Grey, fresh from starring in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience. The series will be concerned with people that have lived lives considered beyond the pale, and have either turned back more towards “normalcy”, whatever that is, or to a higher calling. Due to the extremity, difficulty, piety, or threatening natures (good can threaten as well people) of their lives, or personal philosophies, These people inhabit,or have inhabited, terrain outside of the edges of polite experience.

The second interview of the series will be with Cintra Wilson, the culture critic, playwright, writer, and general prophetic curmudgeon, in my view. We are lucky to have her unfiltered analyses of fame, sexual politics and cultural misappropriation.

An interview with Incognegro writer Frank Wilderson will follow. Frank’s new book is called Red, White and Black: Cinema and the structure of U.S. Antagonisms. Frank’s view of the nature of the racial divide in America is well outside the established dogma of a leftist reading of history. Frank posits that racial conflict is due to a structural, ontological antagonism, a master-slave dynamic that is still in play, vs. a conflict between two entities considered equal in status.

An interview with influential Avant-Garde singer/songwriter Robert Wyatt will also be part of the series. Wyatt ‘s singular musical genius has been so far ahead of the curve that the idea of catching up verges on the inconcievable to me. His last CD Comicopera is a must listen to. The only other living auteur of such tortured, bittersweet and poignant pop music is Scott Walker. They are in very limited company.

San Francisco Cabaret Chanteuse Jill Tracy will also be profiled.  Even though I am biased because she is a dear friend, I can honestly say nobody does what she does.

I’m open to suggestions of other artists to pursue interviews with that fit my aforementioned definition of being an Outlier. Send me your suggestions, and stay tuned.


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