Goodbye Liz


Elizabeth Taylor died today. As she passed out of this world so to did a powerful illusion, a bittersweet, glamorous mystery. This beautiful brunette wonder embodied desire. She was an anachronism of sexual grace  that barely exists anymore,  not in this epoch of pornification and manufactured allure. We’ll miss you, like we miss Marilyn, and Audrey, and Lana.

I remember as a boy being overwhelmed by LT’s beauty in Cleopatra, and wondering what it must be like to touch , or smell or be close to such a creature.  She could provoke desire that was as clean as a razor’s edge, that made you give in to the demands of the siren’s song or lash yourself to the proverbial mast in futile resistance. Even though she was a siren( a lost art in these times), she was no princess of pruriance, no skeezer of the floodlights. She was a queen; ditz, glitz and glamour be damned…a queen. RIP Liz.


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