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Kay Taylor (Parker), Taking the light behind enemy lines, Part 1.


Kay Taylor (Parker) is perhaps best known as the star of the (in)famous pornographic film series Taboo, which fetishized mother-son incest and oedipal desire. The controversy around the film is well-known, but what is little known is the story of the real-person of Kay Taylor. Kay remained in the industry for 10 years, and has reached a sort of iconic status by some purveyors of porn, but she could not exist farther from that world, spiritually, ethically, emotionally.

Taylor lives and works in Santa Monica, California, and her work as a spiritual healer and intuitive could be seen as the polar opposite her work in her past life, but that would be a misguided view. Taylor is a person that has graciously lived and seen her life as a continuum, a process of refinement, a work in progress, always towards the eventual goal of more light, more grace, more peace and truth.

This two-part interview took place at her  home in Santa Monica, where she instantly made me feel comfortable. The conversation ranged from her upbringing in the UK and Malta to the impetus for her coming to America and getting involved in “The Industry”, from her reputation as “the prude of porn” to her associations that influenced her spiritual path and current community.

Kay’s website offers more detail about her life journey and work:

The first part of the interview deals with Kay’s upbringing, history, and involvement in the industry, and part 2 is a  conversation concerning her spiritual work and focus. The interview begins after my having answered some questions posed by her concerning my career path and what sustains me.

KTP      …Yeah, well, there are no mistakes.  Obviously you know that’s what you’re meant to be doing, and uh, you know, personally I’ve always worked outside the box so you know, there are uh, challenges with that.

PH        Hm.

KTP      (Laughing)

PH        Yeah.  We’ll talk about that because I wanna know what some of those challenges are because one of the things that I’m interested in is how people  sort of take these circuitous, interesting paths, and how the experience sustains and enriches them,  You know what I mean?

KTP      Yeah.

PH        I mean, just being able to sort of make things work.

KTP      Trust.

PH        Yes, you know what I’m talking about!

KTP      Trust my relationship to God.

PH        Yeah.

KTP      It’s that simple.

PH        Yeah.

KTP      God provides.  One way or another.

PH        The more simple the better?

KTP      Yeah.  I mean, I could elaborate upon that of course, and I’m sure we will as we talk on.  But essentially you know, people say how do you do it? And I say, well I have my challenges but wherever I go, I always go back inside, go back to God and remember who I am, why I came here to this planet, what my mission is and center myself in that, and then suddenly everything gets handled.

PH        Yeah, yeah.

KTP      You know, one way or another.

PH        Have you always felt that way?

KTP      Well, I mean, I’ve been on my path, this path, in this lifetime for over 30, maybe 35 years so, always? No of course not.  You know, we all vacillate,  we all go through our ups and downs and times where you just wanna say… what?  Just, “I gotta be crazy” you know, but I’ve always had a sense of self meaning since I was a child that there was something different about me.

PH        Uh-huh.

KTP      I wrote about this in the book, you know, it’s like, the voice inside that said you’re one of the chosen ones which really translated that I was one who had chosen to be different, to be here and be what I call a light worker on the planet.  And because of that my path would not be like everybody else’s. If you would have asked me when I was a kid growing up and certainly as an adolescent, and perhaps even a 20 year old, I still had the dream of finding the perfect mate, having children, etc., etc.  But it just was not my destiny in this lifetime. I do believe that we all have a destiny and destiny lines us up with certain persons, places, events, that we need for our soul growth.

PH        What was pivotal in your understanding that facilitated your changing gears and adjusting to your current path?

KTP      Well  what changed was actually coming to LA after having already sort of gotten into film for a short while and then moving to LA, even though that was not my idea of an acting career you know.

PH        I understand.

KTP      So I think if I’m really serious about this I should move to LA, that’s the place to be.  I was in San Francisco at the time.  And so I came here and within a couple of weeks I met, number one, a numerologist who blew my mind with what he told me just by reading my numbers, and I went whoa, you know. I then joined a meditation group, and shortly after that I met two individuals, both men, who were my teachers, and then entered into what was really a seven year spiritual study program. During this time I met a friend of mine  who lives just around the corner now, with whom I’m doing a major project and it just started to become clear that this was a path that was already laid out long before I was aware of it, and that there was a destiny involved. That really my job was to align myself, and to surrender to that which is not easy to surrender to, because it means you have to relinquish your attachments to certain things, maybe everything.

PH        What was the hardest thing for you to detach from?

KTP      That’s a good question. It wasn’t hard for me to detach from my family, I had already detached from my family.  I mean, I love them and they’re still in my life but, I moved to the other side of the planet practically, away from them. There was a certain sense of oppressiveness in terms of living in England at that time. So, I guess the ongoing process of just surrendering the ego.

PH        We all get stuck in stuff.

KTP      Yeah.

PH        What I mean is that we all have our thorns in the flesh or the thorns in the spirit. We have things that trip us up and which are sort of consistent obstacles for us, and which if we are fortunate and diligent and open, maybe we get to navigate them so that they don’t become oppressive.

KTP      Yeah.

PH        So I guess, what, might be that thorn for you? What was that thing?  Or was there that thing? Not everybody has to have that, you know.

KTP      No, definitely.  As a child I had asthma, and uh, I’m sure you’ve run into this, but asthmatics, um, do you know who Louise Hay is?

PH        Uh-huh.

KTP      Yeah, okay, so in Louise Hay A to Z, you know, illnesses may be a result of the consciousness that created the illnesses and then the affirmation.  Asthma, and I’m just referring to her definition, asthma has to do with smother love or, in my interpretation of that, is not having the space to be who you are to expand, to be who you really are.  I was just writing about this actually for my website because I’m doing it over.  So, it was a constant search for who I was and not surrendering, not succumbing to anybody’s idea of who I am.  Even after being in the porno business for 10 years, it was like that’s not who I am.

PH        Uh-huh.

KTP      It’s something I happened to be doing.  Who I am is, is light, is love, is God, is spirit.  I had a father who was a strict disciplinarian, you know, naval person, and a rageaholic, you know, and consequently I struggled in my relationships with men, always had, and perhaps still always do, always will, because that in a sense keeps me on a certain razor’s edge, you know, where you’re, you’re always checking, it’s always like well, am I giving away my power?

PH        That’s interesting.  It’s interesting that you say that even when you were in the porno industry that you had a strong understanding that that was not your essence.

KTP      Uh-huh.

PH        Because you know the interesting thing about it is that it you have come notable for this deep compassionate otherness coming across in the performances.

KTP      Right. I hear that all the time, and by hearing that I know that I did my job. I don’t know if you had a chance to read this but there is a chapter called “Orgasm” in the book.

PH        I have not.

KTP      Okay.  It’s worth a read. Every once in a while I go back and read it. I refer to one of my dear dear teachers who taught me the wonderful art of kinesiology which I use, muscle testing, which I use extensively these days, always have.  He was an amazing man and he was one of these eccentric geniuses who had discovered all these tests for specific, specific consciousness’s shall we say.

PH        Uh-huh.

KTP      One day Henry called me up very excited and  said “ I’ve discovered the muscle test for passion” and I could tell this was very important, this was a man that didn’t get excited you know, he was a very sort of neutral, very evolved being. But he was excited and I said okay, I’ll be right over. Because I knew if he was excited that this would be something that would excite and interest me.  So I went over there in a flash and he said okay, sit down, knees about a foot apart, and your fingers interlaced behind your head.  I want you to think of a time when you were in passion.  So I said okay and thought of a dear friend of mine that I was in love with for many years, a Soul Brother by the way, and a well-known actor, no names mentioned.  But we were in each other lives for a long time. He was in and out of my life, but we had such a soul connection it was just a lifeline for me.  So, so I thought of one evening when he showed up with the yellow roses and the Sherry, because he knew I loved Sherry at that time, and crackling fire, you know, sensuality and…

PH        The whole thing.

KTP      So Henry said okay now, I’m going to try to push your knees together, so resist. So I’m thinking of this beautiful moment in time, and he pushed and my knees went like jello, didn’t hold. He said that wasn’t passion.  So I said whoa, okay.  So okay, he said, think of another time.  So I thought of another, same person, and same thing happened.  He said there wasn’t passion.  So I went what? Then I said wait a minute, okay, I’ve got one for you.  And I held in my consciousness the scene in Taboo, what’s called the seduction scene with the son.

PH        Uh-huh.

KTP      Held that in my consciousness and he tried to push my knees together and without even trying my knees did not budge.  He said that was passion.  And I said whoa. You know, it’s like, what are the implications here?

PH        Yeah, that’s what I wanna know.

KTP      Okay, well what is passion?  One has to define passion, right.  So passion to me is when you are connected, there’s a total connection, mind, body, spirit.  There are no rational logical thoughts, nothing in the way of you connecting on an almost tantric level. Tantric.  Whereas the other two incidences that I thought of, there was always something amiss, I was idealistic, I didn’t feel worthy of having the relationship, so I accepted what was given to me, with great relish. I definitely loved this man, but, he was off doing his thing and having multiple relationships, you know.  What I’m saying is that was what was delivered to me and that’s what I took.

PH        Right.

KTP      So it was not resonating as passion because, excuse me, um, there wasn’t a total connection.  Are those chimes too much?

PH        No, they’re wonderful, it’s fine.

KTP      Yeah they are wonderful, they just get a little loud sometimes, I can always close the door.

PH        No, they’re fine.

KTP      So, so when I thought of that and I thought whoa, and I thought no wonder that movie sold so many copies because you know, the camera doesn’t lie, and a person, even though a person may not be conscious of what they’re seeing, they are witnessing true passion, what a blessing, what a blessing.  It just so happened that my body was being used for this. And this is why spirit used me, even though I was entering a period of time where I was not comfortable with the fact that I was still doing movies. And I said Henry, why can’t I break away?  And he said well somebody’s gotta go behind enemy lines and take the light…., those were his very words.

PH        Someone has to go behind enemy lines and take the…

KTP      Take the light.

PH        The light, the light.

KTP      Consciousness, love.

PH        And so you were that somebody.

KTP      That spirit chose me. I chose back, but you know.

PH        What  were the responses  to you by the people that you worked with doing the years that you worked in porn, because obviously you were very atypical of many people who worked in that industry.  How did the men and the other women respond to you as a person?

KTP      In the business?

PH        Yeah, in the business.

KTP      They didn’t get me, they didn’t get who I was.  I mean, there were a couple of people that I deeply connected with, for reasons that they certainly weren’t conscious of, but I knew why. But for others I was just way too…I think deep was the word that was used about me, because I cared about what I did, even though this was undeniably something that was sort of taboo, it still mattered to me that I  connected deeply as I was performing. I would meditate before each scene; I would do this little sort of chanting thing where I called in the light and protection, always asked for protection. I did it very consciously, though a lot of people weren’t aware I was doing that part of it.

PH        Right, right, right.

KTP      But that, that was fine but, and then when I was done I would go home. I did not fraternize with people in the business, it wasn’t of any interest to me because I don’t do drugs, don’t drink, don’t smoke. I labeled myself for the longest time as the prude of porn.

PH        So you never did any of those things?

KTP      Oh yeah, I did them, but at that time I was weaning myself off of everything because it just didn’t work for me, it was like why do I do this? It was just peer pressure that’s all.  And I’ve always been the kind of person, it’s like don’t tell me not to do anything, I will do it and I will find out for myself.  So you know, um…

PH        You have to touch the stove, as it were.

KTP      Yeah, but it was really becoming clear to me that sexuality’s not something you mess with in an unconscious way which so many people do.  I mean, I saw in some cases the people who were making the films and their rage and their anger and it’s like, I’m not gonna put that on the screen, I’m not gonna put that in my performances because I care.  It was very idealistic, but there were several of us at that time who were really dedicated to doing something different.

PH        Well, what other people would you consider in that category?

KTP      Seka cared, and Richard Pacheco who is still to this day a buddy of mine, I love him dearly. We did a lot of TV talk shows at that time and I’m trying to remember who was…? There were a couple of women who were on the other end, on the production end who were also very dedicated to that.  Um, can’t remember the names at this point. But there were a few. I think Juliette Anderson who recently passed. She died about um, I wanna say about six months ago, and then Jamie Gillis went soon after actually. Annette Haven, Annette in her own weird and wonderful way was also dedicated to that and took no guff from anybody you know.

PH        I would this is an industry that has changed tremendously over the years.

KTP      Yeah.  And really I have to, I mean I only hear, I have no interest in it whatsoever anymore, it’s like, as I told somebody my banner has changed so much over the years, it’s not, it’s like, it’s like a dream that came and went but I, yeah, I think it inevitably has changed tremendously.  But I hear all the time about people who were still drawn to, to the vintage films because they, they had more heart and soul. We had scripts; we had multiple days in which to shoot.  You know, I mean…

PH        Some “story” or what have you.  But I have one question that I wanted to ask and then we can move on to other things.  There’s an element to the whole pornographic experience that has a strong flavor of compulsion and addiction for the men who are purveyors of it…

KTP      Yep.

PH        Men who use it on a regular basis.  When you were acting, did you ever connect to being part of that reality at any level at all, I mean, did you ever ask yourself about that?

KTP      Sure. 

PH        Yeah.

KTP      Sure, because there were gentlemen that I would run into from time to time that admitted to me that they were either hardcore addicts, or just addicted, you know, that it was far easier for them to sit at home with films than go out and actually seek a relationship.

PH        Uh-huh.

KTP      There was actually one very well known film producer who( this was after I moved to LA), called me up and told me that he had a job for me in a low budget mainstream film that he was doing that turned out to be just a ruse to…

PH        To try to get to know you?

KTP      To try to get to know me, and what was interesting, one of the amazing experiences I ever had was to sit with him while he consumed two bottles of wine, by himself because I don’t drink, and I had to walk him to his car that night. He had admitted to me over dinner that he had jerked off to me many times and he said I would much rather do that, it’s easier for me to do that than to seek a relationship or to go through the steps of having a relationship.

PH        Uh-huh.

KTP      So, as I was closing his car door, I don’t even know why I let him drive, I should have insisted, but anyway, that’s beside the point, but he said to me, he looked at me and very sort of wistfully said lady, I don’t wanna go to bed with you, I’d like to wake up to you. And I said well, I would just ask you one thing…. remember this conversation that we’ve had tonight.  Because first of all, I was brought there on false pretenses, you know, and that I’m a pretty intelligent person, I know what’s true and what’s not. But there was higher purpose in that whole situation, that whole meeting and uh, I’m sure it left an impact, it left a mark on his spirit. But it was interesting hearing, coming from somebody like him, he probably could have had the pick of all the young starlets in Hollywood and yet what he was saying was he’d rather just stay home uh, and watch, he said me, but I’m sure he watched other, I mean, I’m sure it wasn’t just me, I’m sure it was other women, but….

PH        Well that’s, that whole sort of compulsion, it pulls people into a  netherworld to where I think if they go deep enough it’s quite difficult for them to find the boundaries, you know,  and that’s hard and it takes effort, and transparency and vulnerability to actually be in a relationship. 

KTP      Yes.

PH        And then when he was actually confronted with the real person he found out that he liked you.

KTP      Yeah.

PH        And you know, finding out that he liked you, you know, really turned things on their side.

KTP      Yeah.

PH        And I think that’s, that’s really a wonderful process, that if we open ourselves up to all kinds of people on different levels, people can surprise us and we can surprise ourselves, and then it’s easier to sort of let go of this nasty murky stuff that we create that has nothing to do with other people.

KTP      Yeah, I mean it is, yeah, I mean, to go deeper into that, it was, I was saddened by the fact that there were addicts in the world of individuals who are lonely, who are um, unable for whatever psychological reasons to reach out and to be vulnerable enough to expose themselves to uh, meeting women.

PH        Uh-huh.

KTP      Yeah, I mean I was aware that there were tons and tons, there was a time when you know, there were a lot of magazines, I don’t know if they exist anymore today but I was in touch with a lot of the magazine publishers and people who wrote a lot of articles for them and it was a whole different time…

PH        Right.

KTP      And so I had much more exposure to a lot of different areas and it was really obvious to me that there was one slice of society who were totally okay with their sexuality and they were very um, experimental and open, something that I had never been, believe it or not, I used to call myself the prude of porn because, because I um, hold on one second.  I wanna make sure he takes this envelope here.  She did.

PH        Uh-huh.

KTP      But that, but that one area of the lonely, the lonely men or the lonely middle aged virgins, and there were a lot of them, you know, were sad, and again there was a time where I was very idealistic.  I used to write a lot of letters to these people, I handled my fan club myself, I used to spend a lot of time writing letters and also to men incarcerated because my position was not to judge but rather to shed some light where I could and always, until it got to the point to where it’s like oh my God, I’m spending way too much on this, I’m not making any money, I’m losing money if anything, but it was kind of like my mission at that time, you know, it was kind of like a, what do you call it, um, ministry. You know, so, and then I, then I let that go.  But still today I get letters from individuals, from men who are obviously lonely and inept at the whole art of interacting with other people, um, painfully so.

PH        Then there’s some men, that’s not so much their dynamic, they just are consumed with lust.

KTP      Yeah, oh yeah, they are different.

PH        Men can be just as simple as that.  You know, there’s nothing else to it, there’s no psychological, you know, whatever, they’re consumed with lust, they have regular relationships, they have lots of sex, they have successful jobs and whatever.

PH        But let’s shift gears a little bit.  I’ve read a few  cursory things about your background, but I’d like to hear you talk about that a little bit more… when you were in England, what your family situation was like, what were sort of the precipitating things that led up to you leaving and coming over here.  Like how did you get to San Francisco?  You know, what was that path?

KTP      Right, well, um, I actually did not spend that many years of my childhood in England because my father was in the Navy as I said earlier.

PH        The United States Navy?

KTP      No, no, no, British Navy. And so we, we spent about five years over-seas, on the island of Malta actually. It was great, it was like another lifeline for me because when I was in England I was depressed, the weather was cold, I mean, I didn’t wanna be there, for whatever reason.  Often, you know, even as a child, I would um, kind of look up at the heavens and say “why here? “You know, it’s like, this doesn’t make sense to me.  And I remember as a kid  spending a lot of time struggling for breath because I had asthma, which was as far as I’m concerned just as my resistance to my circumstances and the constriction and the oppressiveness of my father, and a post-World War II depression.  I mean, it, it was tough, and so when I spent all those hours sort of struggling, holding on for dear breath, I talked to God.  And then when it was summer and I was outside I would lay on the Earth and I remember just loving the smell of the Earth! Every British person has a garden so you know, I mean, if you’re fortunate enough to have a little strip of land behind your house you got a garden and you grow vegetables and I loved to go up to the garden and pick the vegetables and just smell things and just be in touch with the Earth.  I’m a Virgo so maybe that’s what that was but…

PH        When’s your birthday?

KTP      August 28th.

PH        Mine’s September 6th.

KTP      Oh, so you’re a Virgo too.

PH        Uh-huh.

KTP      Ah-ha, okay.  So I had these, not visions, I suppose they were sort of visions, of other realities. What does a child know except lots of kids talk about the fairy kingdom and things that adults don’t talk about, and they talk about them until adults tell them not to talk about them and try to shut them down, you know, but it’s all, as far as I’m concerned it’s all very real. It’s not just a fantasy land.  So I was aware you know, of, I was aware of let’s say another reality.  So, I grew up and got back to England and was enrolled again in a girl’s school and I hated it, it was just so completely ridiculous as far as I was concerned.  I wasn’t aware I was learning anything, so as soon as I could get out, I got out, which was interesting because my parents let me and I…

PH        How long were you stuck at this school?

KTP      Well, I was actually out of school at 15½.

PH        Okay.

KTP      Now there’s, the English, the way that the English school curriculum goes is that, is that for grammar school students, grammar school being college prep, it’s different from here, there’s an exam called the 11 plus, which determines which school you go to. But at 15 you take the GCE, which is the certificate of education Well, I failed miserably because in Malta I’d been studying the Cambridge syllabus where at the school in England they were studying the Oxford syllabus so it was screwy you know, so, and my only choice at that point was to go back and redo two years and it’s like you gotta be kidding, no way. So I left school and I, I took a couple of jobs, you know, in shops, and started commuting to London… and it just was like one of those things where I just need to leave, I just needed to go.  And as it so happened, I met a German boy in the summer, I met a German boy, soul connection, so it became my ambition to leave and go to visit him in Munich, and he lived in Munich.  And in a sense, he was my carrot.

PH        He was your…

KTP      Carrot.

PH        Your carrot.

KTP      To leave.

PH        Right, right.

KTP      So, just shy of my 18th birthday a friend and I left and we hitchhiked around  Europe for a bit and I landed in a town called Wurzburg, which it has an American military base. Because I had met a boy.  The girl I was traveling with, her money got stolen in a youth hostel so she had to go home, her parents called her home and I said I’m not going home.  Because my father’s words to me as he put me on the train to Europe was you’ll be home in, I think, what was it, he gave me six weeks I think and he said you’ll be home, mark my words and it was kind of like one of those things where it’s like, there’s no way I’m gonna go home and give him…

PH        He threw down the gauntlet.

KTP      Yeah, the satisfaction, so, sounds to me like you know these kinds of things.

PH        Yeah, a little bit.

KTP      Little bit.  So anyway, so I decided I was going to stay and I had met um, not the friend who originally drew me there but another boy and he ended up taking me to his family in Wurzburg who were so sweet and wonderful to me and put me up for a while and then I was there for about nine months. I was working for Americans actually at that time, but I was realizing that I really wanted to speak the language and so my goal had been to learn another language and I wasn’t doing it because I was just speaking English all the time.  So I ended up moving to Munich, I took a job with a family, a very prestigious family who were involved in the world of opera, worked for a gentleman who is very well known in German opera, throughout Europe and theater, and it changed my life.  They were so wonderful to me.

PH        In what way, I mean, just the exposure, the acculturation…

KTP      Just the exposure, yeah, the exposure to the culture and uh, and within about three months I had picked up fluent German, this was amazing, and um.

PH        You still speak?

KTP      Not much, not much.  I’ve forgotten, I’m very rusty.  I mean, I could pick it up again.  But what I realized, I came to realize many years later was the reason it came so easily to me was I was just retracing old steps, that I was German in my last lifetime.  And, this is when I became interested in past lives and looking at the bigger journey and it was also very familiar to me, even Wurzburg by the way was familiar to me, so I had for some reason, somehow, I had been guided back there.  So anyway, so I worked for the family in Munich for about a year and then my father was taken ill and I had to go back to England and I quit the job because I wasn’t going to spend my life working as an au pair, you know, so.

PH        Right.

KTP      And once again, my father was kind of like the catalyst for me moving on. After three months you know, he had recovered enough and I left and went back to Germany again, not quite knowing what I was gonna do.

PH        Uh-huh.

KTP      But the American people I had worked for came through and they pretty much handed me not only a ticket to the States but a green card and I ended up spending the first year in Santa Fe, New Mexico, because that’s where they were going.  They were getting ready to retire from the Army and  they were headed to Santa Fe because they had relatives there and so that was my first stop which was amazing, you know, for somebody you know, young and wet behind the ears as I was at that time, the first stopping place to be Santa Fe, New Mexico.

PH        Uh-huh.

KTP      It was amazing, I loved it.  And then I went from Santa Fe to Boulder, Colorado for a year.

PH        I love Boulder.

KTP      Yeah.  Not knowing that several friends who I would later meet were there at the same time that I was, including Aaron, my mentor, my dear mentor.  So that was about a year and then I got pregnant and it was one of those things where okay, what am I gonna do.  So I was fortunate enough to be able to get an abortion and right after that I got on a Greyhound bus and came west to San Francisco.  So I landed in San Francisco in ’68. Slap bang in the middle of the flower child era, sex, drugs, and rock and roll baby!

PH        Uh-huh, absolutely.

KTP      Yeah.

PH        Yeah.  Yeah, I was 8 years old. 

KTP      It was an amazing time.

PH        Yeah.

KTP      It was an amazing time.

PH        Yeah, people keep trying to recreate it so I assume that it is a…

KTP      They do?

PH        I mean, they try to create the aura of it but they don’t do a good job I think, recreating the conviction of it.  I mean, you could go to Haight-Ashbury now and it’s still hippies and stuff but it’s…

KTP      Is it?  I had no idea.

PH        You know, it’s different.  I think that was a special time in the history of this country.

KTP      Well, you know, I moved around for a while within San Francisco and then I, I moved to Sausalito.  I don’t know if you know the area…

PH        I know that area very well.

KTP      So across the Golden Gate Bridget here’s a little town called Sausalito which is a little tourist area…

PH        Right, yeah.

KTP      And I ran a store there, a little head shop. Marin County was the home of so many of the bands and musicians; it was music central during those days.

PH        Jefferson Airplane.

KTP      Well, my old man for a while was Joey Covington who was the drummer for Jefferson Airplane for a while.  Joey and I met in the store that I ran, this is the funniest thing, he used to come in and buy all this stuff right, and I ended up living with it all, and it’s like, oh God, there’s some kind of weird karma here but you know, but um, that’s how we met.  And we ended up having a relationship for a while.  I actually saw him last year by the way um…

PH        Any experiences with Grace Slick?

KTP      What, sorry?

PH        You know Grace Slick, the…

KTP      Well, actually, I never actually met Grace.  I knew Marty Balin because Marty and Joey were very good friends and uh, and so many other musicians from that era but never met Grace.  Um, what’s funny though is that, and Joey was saying this last year, that they, they have a bond that’s kind of like, it’s just unbreakable, it’s kind of like a fraternity, they just hang together year after year after year and they’re all in their 60s now.

PH        Right, yeah.

KTP      It’s like all these old musical codgers, but, it’s kind of funny.  But Joey’s a hoot, I mean Joey’s one of these ageless type of people..

PH        It’s interesting to me, you know, that you get from the Bay Area, you know, from San Francisco, to LA. This is quite trite, but you know, we all do it, we sort of type people as to locations  It’s like even just after having spoken with you for just for a little while, you just seem so more suited to be in Northern California than Southern.

KTP      Yeah, yeah.

PH        It’s just interesting.  I mean, how did you make your way down here?

KTP      Well, and it’s interesting you say that because before I moved here, I had only been here a couple of times, once with Joey as a matter of fact, and one of the times that we came down here was we actually stayed with Papa John Creach, does that name mean anything to you? 

PH        Uh-huh.

KTP      Papa John was amazing and his wife was even more amazing.  We stayed with him because Joey discovered Papa John in the unemployment line, I mean, this is story after story after story, this amazing gentleman who was absolutely, he was, he had arthritis so badly but the minute he stepped on that stage he came alive.

PH        He could play, yeah.

KTP      And it was gone.  So um, but I couldn’t stand LA, even that time, I mean, as much as I enjoyed our time with the Creach’s, you know, it’s like, it was like get me out of here, to me it was like this cultural wasteland.  I didn’t enjoy the life, you know, it wasn’t time, it wasn’t time.  So I had to go back. Joey and I broke up and da-da-da, and then finally uh, after I got involved in film, it finally became time for me to move down here and once I was here I never looked back.  This is my home.

PH        Yeah.

KTP      But Santa Monica’s my home, I mean…

PH        Yeah, Santa Monica, Santa Monica’s like an island to me.

KTP      It is, it is.

PH        I really like Santa Monica, I’m not that fond of the rest of LA.  I used to spend a lot of time here for a lot of different reasons and…

KTP      Yeah, I mean, just being by the ocean and plus my family, my spiritual family is here, this is the whole thing is I came down here to reconnect to my spiritual family and they’re all around me now so this is where I was meant to be.  That’s the journey, you know, you, you kind of follow the flow and here you are. 

PH        Right.

KTP      So, yeah.